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Michelle Rigling, MBA, IAW International Life Coach, Healthrhythms Drum Circle Facilitator


“Michelle is generous, selfless, kind, intentional, strong, and supportive. She has such a special intuitive gift that guides her to provide ceremony with purpose and lasting benefit. I am so grateful to know Michelle as a facilitator and friend. She is truly special and she inspires me to be a stronger woman, more in touch with my roots and more connected to my healing path and journey for myself and others.” -A.G. CYE Member since 2017

I create & hold space for women to rest & reconnect.

My gift is creating experiences, opportunities, and spaces that allow women to retreat, reconnect, and find the way back home to themselves. This happens through truth telling and letting go, self-nourishment, and intentional living- not easy for us in the busy, ambitious and competitive world many of us live in! Whether we are retreating under the new moon for a 3-hour Red Tent or we are immersing ourselves in nature for the weekend, stepping away from the demands and distractions of everyday life allows us to pause, think, and just be. Many of us feel disconnected. We feel disconnected from our selves, from our roots, from a purpose or sense of meaning, from nature, from the Universe. The gatherings I host offer space, support and inspiration for this journey of reconnection. 

Intuition guides me. Experience informs me. Training supports me.

I had been serving and supporting others as a Wellness & Recovery Coach as well as a Wellness & Recovery Program Director for years before being guided into the specific work I do today with women. However, empowering others and helping them reconnect to their own wisdom and truth has been part of my "work" for a long time.  Even in my more corporate roles such as Human Resources Director, my focus was always on supporting the individual and helping them reclaim their own power and be true to themselves. In 2016, an intuitive knowing and a wave of synchronicities and guidance arrived, leading me down this road of honoring the feminine and creating gatherings, ceremonies and simple spaces for women to reconnect, remember, heal and find nourishment and support.

Education and Background

I believe that we are called to certain work and the Universe provides us with the information, experience and insight we need to do it. Sometimes that comes from formal education and training. Sometimes it arrives intuitively or through experience. Most of the time, it's probably a mix of both.
My background is in social work, wellness/recovery coaching and education, and directing wellness and recovery programs. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Business, Life Coaching Certification through the Woman-Centered Imagine A Woman program, additional formal live training as a wellness and recovery coach, and certificates in various therapeutic interventions and wellness curriculums (including Liberating Structures, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, IMR, Hypnosis, Healthryhms Drum Circle Facilitation, and Bowen Theory Family Systems).
My coaching career started almost 10 years ago. In addition to serving and supporting over 300 clients and leading a variety of groups, I have gone through multiple coach training programs. I am very honored to have studied for 6 months with Patricia Lynn Reilly and completed her Imagine A Woman coaching and retreat program before she retired. I have also studied in person with Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run with the Wolves.
I have 12 years of full time work experience in the social work and behavioral health fields with roles such as serving on the executive team of a multi-site behavioral health and wellness agency. I have led over 100 wellness and recovery workshops and events in various cities to an array of audiences, from trauma survivors and adults struggling with addiction to doctors and psychologists. For the last several years, my focus has been planning wellness and healing events for women.
I have provided coaching services to individuals (personally and professionally) as well as consulting and event-planning services to companies for several years. I welcome the invitation to explore opportunities with anyone interested in learning more or collaborating with me.